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Our team of experienced family law attorneys understands the complex and sensitive nature of family matters. Whether you are dealing with divorce, child custody disputes, adoption, or any other family-related issue, we have the knowledge and skills to help you navigate through the legal process with compassion and professionalism.


Anthony Robles

Anthony Robles is the owner of the Robles Family Law Firm. He founded the Robles Family Law Firm in August 2008 with the goal of providing quality legal services for the people of Odessa, Midland, Andrews and the remainder of the Permian Basin. Anthony’s strong, personal and professional representation has achieved success for hundreds of his clients in divorce, child support, custody, visitation, grandparent rights and criminal cases. Anthony graduated from Eden High School (Eden, TX) before attending McMurry University (Abilene, TX) where he majored in Political Science….

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Practice Areas

Family law matters are frequently rife with emotional issues and challenging life transitions. During these times, it can be tempting to take an easy route rather than make informed decisions. Pursuing that hasty course of action risks long term consequences to your earning power, assets, and relationships with your children.

When you face heart rendering matters that can also affect your property interests, you require legal representation that considers all your unique circumstances. The professional and personal approach of Robles Family Law Firm offers strong advocacy when you face difficult times. We inform you of the possibilities of your case to support informed, rather than emotional, decision making.

Our firm only practices family law so if you are facing a divorce, child custody matter, support issues or paternity claims, we offer expertise and compassion. We also handle happier matters like adoption for same-sex couples and stepparents. All these matters involve restructuring the family unit and we take into account all avenues when determining the best way to approach these with your interests, and the interests of any children, in mind.

Services we Offer

We are a family law firm that specializes in legal matters related to family relationships. We provide expert guidance, support, and representation for clients facing issues such as the following:

Family Law

We understand the complexities and sensitivities involved in legal matters that affect families...

Custody & Visitation

These proceedings determine where the child lives and the visitation schedule for the other parent.

Child Support

Determining a child support obligation is an objective process that merely involves calculation. As your... 


Ending a marriage is a big decision that provides relief as well as consequences. A plan of action that considers...


We offer a variety of adoption services addressing adoptions by same-sex couples, stepparent adoptions....

Contempt of Court

If a parent fails to pay child support, use visitation time or deny an obligation in terms of property divisio...


In the case of unmarried parents, paternity must be established before any parties gain rights to visitation or ...


Termination of parenting rights arises in adoption proceedings, when a parent is deemed unfit....

Our team of


Our esteemed team of attorneys specializes in providing expert legal counsel and representation for all aspects of family law, with a deep understanding of the sensitive nature of family-related matters.

Anthony Robles
Anthony Robles Lead Attorney /Owner
“I get to help people with problems that can help them and their children have a better future.”

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Christopher Wright
Christopher Wright Associate Attorney
“To help clients fight to make memories with their children and for the happiness they deserve.”
Matthew Cacace
Matthew Cacace Associate Attorney
“Every case in Family Law case is unique and prevents repetition.”

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