Custody & Visitation

Custody and visitation are not just about establishing the primary parent and the household where a child will live. At Robles Family Law Firm, we understand the complex dynamics involved, such as co-parenting challenges, long-distance arrangements, and the need for supervised visitation.

Our legal team will help you plan the best course of action to maximize your legal protections and minimize potential conflicts down the road.


Most custody cases involve two good parents who wish to be involved in their children’s lives. If this is the case with you, we strive to create a co-parenting arrangement that fosters love, support, and equal involvement. Our goal? To ensure that your children benefit from the guidance and influence of both parents in a fair and nurturing environment.

Supervised visitation

Supervised visitation is the best solution in challenging circumstances involving drug addiction, neglect, or mental incapacity. At Robles Family Law Firm, we develop an approach that prioritizes your child’s well-being while preserving dignity. We strive to foster a healthy parent-child relationship with your child’s best interest in mind.

man and wife discussing involuntary termination

Enforce and contempt of court

Another less ideal situation involves parents who do not exercise their parenting rights. Let our team help ease the stress of your family law situation. We can enforce visitation schedules so the other parent spends time with the child or follows the rules for supervision.

Long distance visitation

Don’t let distance come between you and your child! If opportunities take you or the other parent out of the area, we help you establish custody and visitation arrangements that bridge the gap. Our support ensures meaningful and regular contact with your child, even from afar.

Grandparent Rights

Robles Family Law Firm recognizes the importance of maintaining strong family connections, including those between grandparents and their grandchildren. Our dedicated legal team specializes in custody and visitation cases involving grandparents, advocating for their rights to continue nurturing meaningful relationships.

With a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding these matters, we work diligently to ensure that grandparents are given a fair opportunity to play an active role in their grandchildren’s lives, while navigating the legal framework with sensitivity and expertise. At Robles Family Law Firm, we are committed to preserving family bonds and securing the best possible outcomes for both grandparents and their beloved grandchildren.

Electronic visitation

When physical distance separates you, let technology bring you closer! Through innovative electronic visitation solutions, we’ll help you establish meaningful connections with your child, no matter the distance. We can discuss whether electronic visitation is suitable for your situation.

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