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Family Law Matters

The need for family legal services signals a difficult and stressful period for a family. Finding the right family lawyer becomes a crucial step in your journey during these challenging times. You need a trusted advocate by your side.

The attorneys at Robles Family Law Firm are the ones to call!

When you entrust your legal matters to us, you can be confident that your family law matter is in capable hands. Our highly reputable and skilled family lawyers have an insatiable thirst to address all divorce or family law issues. From child custody matters to support issues and paternity claims – no case is too big for us to handle!

Committed to excellence. Dedicated to results. Face your legal situation with the proper support. When you work with Robles Family Law Firm, we strive to protect what you value most – your family, your assets, and your future.


Termination of parental rights is a critical aspect of many family law cases.

Whether pursuing or defending against termination of parental rights, you can trust our skilled lawyers to protect your rights and keep your child’s best interests at heart. We offer legal representation in these cases so you can complete an adoption or discontinue previous support obligations.

contempt of court

Custody & Visitation

When you face child custody or visitation disputes, having a seasoned attorney by your side will improve your chances of securing custody of your children. Turn to Robles Family Law Firm for expert guidance!

Our goal? To provide legal advice and help parents protect their relationships with their children through effective parenting agreements and child custody orders.

Contempt of Court/Enforcement

At Robles Family Law Firm, we understand the frustrations if a parent fails to fulfill their obligations, whether it’s child support, visitation, or property division. Our adept attorneys will take swift action through contempt of court proceedings to ensure accountability and financial support your child deserves.

Trust us to take decisive legal action to protect your child’s best interests and restore the integrity of the court’s decisions.


Navigating the legal aspects of adoption can be intimidating, but our highly-skilled attorneys can help make it as smooth and stress-free as possible!

When you work with us, you will have experienced adoption lawyers who can provide all the legal and emotional support you need to extend your family. We offer various adoption services addressing adoptions by same-sex couples, stepparent adoptions, and private adoptions.


In the case of unmarried parents, paternity must be established before any parties gain rights to visitation or child support.

At Robles Family Law Firm, we can guide you through this process and help protect your rights. You can count on our family lawyers to help secure a genetic test and avoid false paternity claims.


Are you going through a divorce? There are two sides to every story. What matters is who tells yours.

The attorneys at Robles Family Law Firm provide a solid, strategic plan of action that considers property division, child custody, and support issues. Consult with our award-winning legal team to help you start the next chapter of your life!

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