Contempt of Court/Enforcement

Once orders are established in divorce, child custody or child support, it is required that you and the other party follow them. When that fails to occur, you need assistance enforcing previous orders with a contempt of court proceeding.

Contempt of court:

Order to enforce child support

When child support goes unpaid, we file for an arrearage judgment which expands collection options. We can issue additional garnishments against bank accounts or file liens on real estate. Solutions depend on your unique circumstances.

joint custody between two parents

Contempt of court:

Enforce visitation

Enforcing a visitation may apply to parents who never show up at all to those who pick up children late, refuse supervised visitation or attempt to show up unexpected. In serious cases, visiting parents may remove children from supervised visitation or take them across state lines. Your best solution is to establish boundaries and enforce the original order with a contempt of court proceeding.

father holding child after meeting with paternity attorney

Contempt of court:

Enforce property division

Divorce involves transferring assets and if you do not receive that deed, car title or other property awarded to you, we can enforce these orders too.

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