At Robles Family Law Firm, one of the most joyous aspects of our work is fulfilling our clients’ dreams of parenthood through adoption. Whether you are considering stepparent adoption, same-sex couple adoption, or private adoption, our passionate attorneys will guide you through the adoption process with confidence and peace of mind. No legal challenge is too complex for us!

Contested adoptions

We understand that the journey to adoption can sometimes be filled with challenges and uncertainties. Our experienced legal team is dedicated to guiding families through the intricacies of contested adoptions with empathy and proficiency. We offer comprehensive support to birth parents, adoptive parents, and all parties involved, striving to facilitate open communication and cooperation to reach a resolution that serves the best interests of the child.

With a commitment to upholding the rights of all parties while prioritizing the child’s well-being, Robles Family Law Firm stands as a steadfast advocate for families seeking resolution in contested adoption cases, ensuring a smoother path toward a brighter future.

Stepparent Adoption

One of the most common types of adoption is stepparent adoption, in which a parent legally adopts the biological child of their spouse. If you want to complete a stepparent adoption, the legal team at Robles Family Law Firm is here to make the law work for you. Our competent attorneys will take the stress and uncertainty out of the adoption process and formalize the family relationship.

parents getting custody of child

Same-Sex Adoptions

Building a family is an exciting journey that should be free from legal hurdles. If you’re considering a same-sex adoption, it is crucial to have a proficient family law attorney in your corner advocating for your rights! At Robles Family Law Firm, we are experienced in navigating adoption proceedings and are dedicated to ensuring a smooth path to adoption of same-sex partners.

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